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  • Six cabinets sur la cession de la part d’EDF au capital du...
  • Cazals Manzo Pichot conseille Omnes Capital
  • Vercken & Gaullier accueille deux nouvelles collaboratr...
  • Ginestié Magellan Paley-Vincent : nominations
  • Cohen Amir-Aslani conseille Gfi Informatique
  • Mayer Brown assiste Peugeot Frères Industrie


Admin & Public
Regulated industries, land planing, environment
Domestic & International arbitration
Civil Law
Individual rights, Associations, Personality rights, Real rights, Marriage, Divorce, Inheritance,...
Constitution & Human Rights
Constitution, Civil liberties
Criminal & Procedure
Criminal law and Procedure, Penalties,...
Private & Public International law
M&A, Corporations, Competition
Company law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Competition,...
Obligations and Contracts
Formation of Contract, Assignment, Unlawful Enrichment, Time Limitations, ...
Social security
Medical Insurance, Accidents, Retirement, Invalidity
Income, VAT, ...

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