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  • Sex offenders put up in hotels due to lack of space, inspect...
    Offenders stay in budget rooms without knowledge of proprietors or guests as bail hostels are fullSex offenders are being put ... Read more
  • Could the GDPR ‘Right to Access’ Make Personal D...
    Under the EU's GDPR consumers may request a copy of the data companies have collected from them. But if a ... Read more
  • Arent Fox Sues Ex-Partner Over Lateral Move to Kasowitz
    In a new federal lawsuit, the firm claims IP litigator Jay Deshmukh breached a deal to pay the firm $96,000 ... Read more
  • Bear Stearns Funds Slap Reed Smith With $500M Malpractice Cl...
    Gibson Dunn's Kevin Rosen is defending Reed Smith against claims that it bungled the chance to seek a major recovery ... Read more
  • New Claims Against Oracle Confront Prior Salary as Discrimin...
    Workers rights advocates have long targeted the practice as perpetuating trends that keep minorities and women underpaid compared to male ... Read more
  • Harvey Weinstein Assembles High-Profile, Non-NY Lawyers for ...
    Weinstein, who faces five criminal counts relating to two accusers who say the fallen movie mogul assaulted them in 2006 ... Read more


Admin & Public
Regulated industries, land planing, environment
Domestic & International arbitration
Droit Civil
Individual rights, Associations, Personality rights, Real rights, Marriage, Divorce, Inheritance,...
Constitution & Droits Humains
Constitution, Droits fondamentaux
Pénal & Procédure
Criminal law and Procedure, Penalties,...
Histoire, Philo, Style et Eco
Peripherial subjects about law
Private & Public International law
M&A, Sociétés, Concurrence
Company law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Competition,...
Obligations & Contrats
Formation of Contract, Assignment, Unlawful Enrichment, Time Limitations, ...
Droit social
Medical Insurance, Accidents, Retirement, Invalidity
Income, VAT, ..

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