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  • Lacourte Ratin Tatar conseille Ivanhoé Cambridge
  • Fieldfisher conseille Parts Holding Europe (PHE)
  • Is Julian Assange facing criminal charges in the US – and ...
    What is WikiLeaks founder potentially being charged with, and what could happen next?We don’t know for sure. But a mistake ... Read more
  • Government takes Brexit article 50 case to UK supreme court
    DExEU trying to stop case about reversability of Brexit from going to EU courtThe UK supreme court is to reconsider ... Read more
  • Affaire Tariq Ramadan : l’islamologue placé en liberté c...
    Jeudi 15 novembre, l’islamologue Tariq Ramadan a été remis en liberté sous condition par la cour d’appel de Paris, selon ... Read more
  • Demanderjustice.com : rejet des griefs du CNB et de l’...


Admin & Public
Regulated industries, land planing, environment
Domestic & International arbitration
Civil Law
Individual rights, Associations, Personality rights, Real rights, Marriage, Divorce, Inheritance,...
Constitution & Human Rights
Constitution, Civil liberties
Criminal & Procedure
Criminal law and Procedure, Penalties,...
Private & Public International law
M&A, Corporations, Competition
Company law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Competition,...
Obligations and Contracts
Formation of Contract, Assignment, Unlawful Enrichment, Time Limitations, ...
Social security
Medical Insurance, Accidents, Retirement, Invalidity
Income, VAT, ...

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