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  • Barnes & Thornburg Boosts Parental Leave for Attorneys ...
    The move adds to a growing list of law firms that are lengthening parental leave for lawyers—and extending benefits for ... Read more
  • L’expulsion d’un terroriste algérien débattue devant l...
    Monsieur M. a été condamné en 2015 par le tribunal correctionnel de Paris à une peine de sept ans d’emprisonnement, ... Read more
  • Harvey Weinstein hires lawyers who represented Rose McGowan
    Producer accused of sexual assault by multiple women, including McGowan, to be represented by Jose Baez and Ronald SullivanDisgraced Hollywood ... Read more
  • Embrace the Chaos, Counselor
    For those who crave control, the uncertainty of being at the beck and call of a partner or subject to ... Read more
  • ‘Demoralizing:’ Women GCs Talk About Sexism from...
    Paternalism, anger and avoidance from firm lawyers are some of their shared experiences, which also guide in-house counsel's choices when ... Read more
  • Women Lawyers Deploy Tactical Maneuvers to Handle Child Care
    With women still carrying the bulk of child care responsibilities, lawyer-moms working long hours handle the kid-care challenge with creativity ... Read more


Admin & Public
Regulated industries, land planing, environment
Domestic & International arbitration
Civil Law
Individual rights, Associations, Personality rights, Real rights, Marriage, Divorce, Inheritance,...
Constitution & Human Rights
Constitution, Civil liberties
Criminal & Procedure
Criminal law and Procedure, Penalties,...
Private & Public International law
M&A, Corporations, Competition
Company law, Mergers, Acquisitions, Competition,...
Obligations and Contracts
Formation of Contract, Assignment, Unlawful Enrichment, Time Limitations, ...
Social security
Medical Insurance, Accidents, Retirement, Invalidity
Income, VAT, ...

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