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  • Man Accused of Phony Lawyer Act Was Co-Founder of Pro-Trump ...
    Before he allegedly posed as a lawyer, Lambert was in college when he co-founded Students for Trump, and as a ... Read more
  • Lockstep Lolly, Asylum Arguments, Madoff Money: The Morning ...
    Here's the news you need to start your day. ... Read more
  • Roberts Delivers Latest Pro-Arbitration Ruling for Divided C...
    Ginsburg said in dissent: “I write separately to emphasize once again how treacherously the court has strayed from the principle ... Read more
  • Critical Mass: No Outside Funding in Marriott Data Breach Li...
    Every lawyer representing plaintiffs in the massive data breach has told the Maryland federal judge in charge of the matter--who ... Read more
  • Certificat de nationalité française : seul son titulaire p...
    Par une décision du 4 avril 2019, la première chambre civile refuse de transmettre au Conseil constitutionnel une question prioritaire de ... Read more
  • Bill Cosby Fights Quinn Emanuel Over Millions in Legal Fees
    The convicted actor claimed the firm overstaffed his case, billing him for more than 11,000 hours and $8.55 million in ... Read more


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